Once again Midiware signed an agreement to become an italian dealer of an extraordinary brand. Artnovion can give original solutions for performance and design for every sound need. The driving force of this new Portuguese company it’s the passion for the acoustic and the attention to the precision, well expressed in their motto “Engineered for performance, designed for emotion”. A skilled engeneers team and designer is at the base of the research and creation with the aim to move forward the technology borders of acoustics. But above all Artnovion team is moved by passion.

They are good also for innovative tecniques for improving the logistic and support relationship with the customer. They studied a revolutionary way to do the packaging that allows to save money for the shipping, and this weighs on the final cost of the panels.

Artnovion’s founder, Jorge Castro, is a sound science researcher and he has lots of experience and success in acoustic solutions field: now, thanks to his experience, he can improve further the level of the products he realizes, with a huge progress in design and perfomances.

home_news_artnovion1Artnovion range is composed mostly by three product categories based on three different targets:




Artnovion purposes are different: acoustic insulation for building market, recording studios installations and broadcast, offices and other public places, domestic settings for improving sound listening. For these reasons there are lost of applications: home theatre in the houses, recording studios, conferences halls, auditorium etc…

Customer satisfaction concerns technical point of view but also the aesthetical one, seen the different possibilities of choice about colours and wood finishing. So you can “decorate” every location. For acoustic process Artnovion offers solutions easy to place, with excellent results both spread and absorption.

Besides respecting the rules and security standards, Artnovion products are certainly innovatives not only in performances but in design too.