Arturia achieved with Bitwig this complete solution for music producer that’s composeb by the three hybrid controller Arturia KeyLab 25, 49 and 61.

The new software created by inventors of Ableton Live can be controlled totally by keyboards and pots of the KeyLab hardware and the bundle has also virtual synth Arturia Mini V and Analog Lab.

The cooperation between Arturia and Bitwig is also at commercial level for allows to everybodu the product. If you are inerested in buying Bitwig Studio, with only 50 euros more you can buy also KeyLab 25, Mini V and Analog Lab. The hybrid instrument Arturia Keylab serie is a perfect integration of hardware and software, with three versions 25, 49 and 61 keys.

KeyLab 25 is the smallest, lighter and easier KeyLab versions. It has a MIDI compact controller with a keyboard and Analog Lab software, it is easy to use and it has the best of the sounds of Arturia brand and a quality keyboard, perfect for the musician who always travels. The solidity and the lightnessof the keyboard make the good suitable for travelling , keeping at the same time metal an wood controller features of a higher price; the keyboard can be used with other software or hardware, it is easy to set it up with the MIDI Controller Center.

Analog Lab software, thanks to a complete equipment of 5000 sounds, is perfect for taking advantage of Arturia synthesizer based on TAE technology.



KeyLab 49 is a MIDI professional keyboard combined with Analog Lab software. With 49 key, pots, sliders and pads it offers you the complete control on the 5000 analogic synth preset included in the software. It can also operates as universal MIDI keyboard, it is ideal for live and sudio works.

49 keys controller has been studied in order to obtain the best performance level and the maximum performance and expression levels. The full connectivity on the rear panel consists of MIDI IN and OUT and Pedal Expression, Sustain and Aux. This excellent controller offers the maximum access level to Analog Lab software; pre-set controls make it the perfect solution for creating plug and play sounds.



KeyLab 61 is a MIDI keyboard with 61 notes with perceptive keys to the velocity and to the aftertouch, planned fto integrate with every set up in studio or live. In this case too the controller is supplied with Analog Lab software, and it gives you a great experience thanks to 5000 preset of the TAE synthesizer.

KeyLab 61 is a professional hybrid synthesizer, and it offers a perfect combination between the hardware synth rapidity and the flexibility of an hardware solution. KeyLab is completelly pre setted up to operate with the Analog Lab software and it permits to have the deepen control of the sound.

You can modify the cutoff and the filter resonance. KeyLab 61 operates also as universal MIDI controller compatible with other software or hardware. You can program MIDI for any hardware or software using LED screen or MIDI Control Center.

Here below recommended public prices for Producer Pack that point out the net saving of this integrated solution by Arturia.

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