Midiware and Cymatic Audio signed ad agreement for italian territory. The dynamic Dutch brand realises high quality players and recording devices, very reliables and an intuitive interface, with a great value for money.

More and more are the musicians who in live contest have the need to have a system which can power up and play sequences or recording multitracking performances.

It is not always easy to trust in a pc for these needs, and to risk a system crash. There are products in the market for this functions yet, but the costs are high for a quality good. Cymatic Audio reached the challenge and it has three hardware unities fot this kind of functions. Here all the details

Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16

The Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16 is the easiest to use direct from USB Playback System, offering a 16-track audio player, standard MIDI File Player, Footswitch Start and Stop, and dedicated software Playlist Editor. The LP-16 works as a dedicated multi-track player for live performances, while sparing users the hassles of using a laptop and computer audio interface in a live environment. It is perfect for backing tracks, virtual sound checks, triggering synthesizers or samplers, driving light shows and controlling devices.

The convenient Windows only  Play List Editor allows you the easily assign a wave files output channel, set list, pause time, continuous play or footswitch control. Edit your set list on the fly from the browser on the LP-16 to easily adapt to set change and crowd requests!

Used in connection with a Windows PC, Mac or iPad. the LP-16 also serves as an 18-output/ 2-input USB audio interface. With a large number of outputs, the individual tracks of a multi-track DAW session can easily be connected to the individual inputs of an analog studio mixer, perfect for analog summing and mixing “out of the box”, imparting classic analog flavor to your next mix session.


The LP-16 User Manual contains in-depth details of your Live Player’s features and functionality, including:

  • Direct from USB hard drive multi-track playback (16 tracks at 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz)
  • Creation and editing of settings and playlist files offline, using Windows Playlist Software
  • 16 unbalanced analog 1/4″ tip-sleeve outputs
  • 2-input / 18-output USB audio interface, 24 bit/44.1/48 kHz USB Class Compliant
  • Mac OS-X compatible: Core Audio plug and play drivers
  • Windows PC compatible (Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 32- bit/64-bit) WDM and ASIO drivers.
  • IPad compatible: Plug and play. USB adapter required



Cymatic Audio Live Player LR-16

The worlds fastest & easiest to use 16-track recorder. Every band’s and soundman’s instant/portable multi-track live recording solution. No computer required. Record Direct to Stand–alone USB Hard & Thumb* Drives.  No more cumbersome computers setups at the gig, tedious learning curves or lengthy DAW setups.


Just tap into your Pre-Fader mixing console inserts with a TRS to TRS ¼” snake and your are ready to go. Record your live show with complete mixing freedom. The LR-16 offers error-proof single button recording functionality. The LR-16’s inputs record directly to their respective tracks, so there is never the need to arm tracks, or assign any channels.With the new V2 firmware update, the unit is capable of recording 2*, 4,8 & 16 discrete track wave files at 16/24 bit 44.1, 48 & 96*kHz, while automically nameing/numbering the tracks and take folders.

You simply connect, hit record and you are done. No more mic splitters, separate mic preamplifiers, ground loops, or the expense and hassle that goes along with it all. Mix and Record your live shows without worry, added ease and confidence.

Transfer the individual tracks on the connected hard drive to your DAW of choice, and you are ready to mix down a true multi-track recording of your show. No more unprofessional, 2-channel “board mixes” ever again!

When you’ve finished your live recording in the field, the LR-16 is ready to double as a computer audio interface, Simply connect the LR-16 to the USB port of your computer and you have a high quality 16 X 2 USB audio interface.

With the new V2 firmware upgrade the LR-16 also acts as a Mackie Control & MMC Transport Control for your DAW. Convenient features such as native Mac and iPad driver support make installation a breeze.

Zero latency hardware monitoring and a built in mixer allow for error free recording, flexibility and hassle free setup.

  • Records 2*,4,8 & 16 Tracks directly to USB 2.0 compatible thumb drives***  or hard disks (16/24-bit 44.1 – 48 & 96* kHz)
  • 24 bit/44.1 – 96 kHz USB Class Compliant Audio Interface.
  • MIDI Machine Control  & Mackie Control when used with DAW as an audio interface**
  • Mac® OS-X® compatible 10.5 or higher – Core Audio plug and play drivers.
  • iPad® compatible – plug and play (USB adapter required eg. Apple® Camera Connection Kit).
  • Windows® compatible (Win XP, Vista, 7&8 32/64) WDM and ASIO® drivers.
  • 16 analog 1/4″ TRS insert-style inputs with stereo output and headphone output.
  • Independent and Global 12 dB input padding.
  • Zero latency hardware input monitoring.
  • Built in mixer with pan, solo, mute and volume control.
  • Stereo wave file player.



Cymatic Audio uTrack24

Cymatic Audio utrack24 is a universal hardware recorder/player/interface in 19″ format ─ the go-to solution for people who want to do high-quality recordings without the need of a computer.

The utrack24 records directly onto USB media plugged into the front panel, while a three-color LED displays the level of all channels. The leds can also be used as a 24-segment level meter for individual channels. A big LCD shows all other important information and allows a fast and intuitive editing of parameters with an endless push encoder. In order to make recordings hassle-free even in dark or hectic environments, the Cymatic Audio hardware recorder features big illuminated transport controls directly on the front panel.

Small format, large amount of ins and outs

With its reduced size of only 1U, the utrack24 accepts up to 24 input and output signals via D-Sub multi-pin connectors. This allows even large live events to be recorded smoothly. Thanks to the BNC wordclock input and output, the recorder can integrate seamlessly into other digital recording environments.

The utrack24 can record 24 channels with a sampling rate of 48 khz and up to 24 bits. And it can record up to 8 channels with a sampling rate of 96 khz at 24 bits. The possibility to loop record endlessly is unique: Unlike with other recorders, there is no limit to the maximum recording time, the only limitation is the capacity of the recording medium. Recordings can be comfortably managed and converted into other formats with a free utool software for Mac and PC. Upcoming hardware module add-ons will allow the use of other 24×24 digital input/output formats.

Thanks to the internal DSP mixer, a stereo mix of the 24 tracks can be taken directly from the headphone and controll room output on the front panel. It further features Level, Pan, Mute, and Solo controls for all 24 inputs, making an external mixer redundant.

Flexible and reliable

Besides its use as a recorder, the utrack24 can also play back up to 24 tracks, making it the perfect virtual sound provider for live applications. The Playlist mode is very useful in such cases, supporting uninterrupted playback. When used under OS X, Windows and ios, the utrack24 turns into a powerful and comprehensive audio interface with 24 inputs and outputs, as well as dedicated Control Room and headphone outputs, each with its individual level control. Future firmware updates announced by Cymatic Audio will bring additional features to the utrack24:

  • Cascading of two utrack24 units to create a perfectly synced 48-track system.
  • Direct playback of standard MIDI data

24-Channel Multi-Track Player

  • Play back up to 24 tracks of audio, perfect for “virtual sound check” duties or expanding live bands with pre-recorded tracks
  • Play back of Standard MIDI Files
  • Edit song order, on the fly, from the front panel
  • Playback Start and Stop via front-panel footswitch input
  • Loop playback and mark-in/mark-out points allows for easy looping
  • Free, downloadable utool allows you to easily create custom audio playlists, with customization capabilities such as:
    • Assigning an audio file’s output channel
    • Creating set lists
    • Set pause times between songs
    • Assigning continuous play between songs

24-input, 24-output Computer Audio Interface

  • The utrack24 also works as a powerful and affordable 24×24 computer audio interface
  • Dedicated control room and headphone outputs with individual hardware level controls
  • 24-bit/96khz support*
  • Compatible with OSX, Windows, and ios

* Channel configuration changes to 8-input, 8-output at 88.2 and 96khz

* 96khz support for OS X requires firmware version 2746 or higher


  • Free software allows remote control / viewing of all utrack24 operations
  • Operates on ipad, iphone, OS X and Windows (Android version expected summer 2015)
  • Physically place your utrack24 anywhere and control it wirelessly
  • Home screen displays all recording/playback information at a glance
  • Instant access to playlist songs and all parameters during performance
  • Full transport controls and playback bar available at all times on all screens
  • Playback bar allows instant navigation to any time or marker location
  • One-touch markers list displays all recorded markers with exact time locations
  • One button loop control allow creation of loop in/out points & loop playback
  • Playlist home screen optimized for comprehensive playlist display & control
  • Analog-style mixer screen allows easy adjustment of monitor mixer settings
  • Dedicated full screen metering page: 24 full screen meters
  • File browser,even during playback,allows quick and easy navigation of files on attached USB hard drive
  • Connects wirelessly using standard off-the shelf Wi-Fi router
  • Allows control of multiple utrack24 units on network
  • Requires utrack24 firmware version 2469 or higher