German brand Future Beat Industries was born in 2004 with the need to create studio monitors which can satisfy the needs of the founders themselves. After six years later born the first product with the brand Monkey Banana, with an immediate approval from the public and the press.


Monkey Banana speaker are an absolute landmark for djs, producers and project studios which need listening with an high acoustic impact, and also thanks to the design they give an important surplus value. Who tried the speakers, doing the comparative tests with others models at the same price category, has been stunned by the auditory broadcast of the product.

The studio monitor array Monkey Banana has two kind of models – Gibbon and Turbo – with different sizes, from 4 to 8 inches with a subwoofer of 10” too. The monitors are availables in three different colours (yellow, red and black) and all of them with a great voiced and visual effect.