Midiware introduces the new supply agreement with the brand Patchblocks. It is considered one of the most interesting news shown to the Frankfurt Musikmesse of 2015, Patchblocks is a sistem for the modular synthesis and signal processing that can be programmed. It allows to decide by software what kind of behavior the harwdware has to have. It has an high quality auditory and the system is composed by individual batches which you can mix among them and that can become sound generators or processors thanks to a basic software. You can start with a single module ( it is cheap) and then it can become a filter or a bassline: all you need is a Patchblock, a pc or a Mac with its software.



With the software you can program the hardware module by a simply machine visual language and you can set the functions to the module. Once you set the functions the module is ready to use.

At this point creative possibilities are unlimited: every single module can be programmed and you can mix several modules. Once you have created patches with the software you can load them up on the platform of Patchblock website, so that other users can download them, value and discuss for possible changes. Patchblocks synth will be show to the public at the next Synth Meeting in Torino directly from its creator Sebastian Heinz.